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Friday, October 2, 2009

Unemployment Rate Increases to 9.8% as Jobless Claims Come In Higher Than Expected

According to this New York Times article, Jobless Report Is Worse Than Expected; Rate Rises to 9.8%, the "American economy lost 263,000 jobs in September 2009, which was a lot more than was expected. As a result, the unemployment rate rose to 9.8%. This reduces the chances of the job market recovering by the end of 2009.

The US Labor Department raised concerns over huge government deficits coupled with high unemployment. The article stated "The numbers could intensify pressure on Congress to provide additional unemployment benefits and extend some programs that are set to expire toward the end of the year, such as tax credit for first-time homebuyers and health-insurance subsidies for people who lose their jobs."

According to the article, the government's stimulus efforts are not working to provide lasting employment. As an example, the article noted that state and local governments cut 47,000 jobs and auto dealerships (in the post "Cash for Clunkers" world) cut 7,100 jobs in September 2009. Also, the number of hours worked flattened and overtime hours declined in many industries. The article stated "while many businesses are making money again and seeing new orders trickle in, most are not ready to hire back the workers, even part-time. To economists, that suggests that unemployment could remain at historically high levels through next year, if not longer."

According to ean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, "People have been celebrating that we’re through the financial crisis, but the underlying issues are all still there. We’ve lost trillions of dollars in housing wealth, and consumption’s going to be weak. It’s not the ’30s, but there’s really nothing to boost the economy."

According to Andrew Stettner, deputy director of the National Employment Law Project, "This is still severe. It's not going to be turning around as fast as people want."

According to the article, there is a good chance that "other economic measures are beginning to waver, signaling that the initial phase of the recovery — a sharp rebound from a deep bottom — may be giving way to a long grind higher, marked by uncertainty and pain for many."

As I have been saying for quite some time now, this is only going to get worse. The problem was caused by too much debt. Now the economy needs to recede back down to a sustainable level not based on the high level of debt. The same goes for real estate - prices need to come down. All of this is going to result in more mortgage delinquencies, short sales and foreclosures.

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