Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Law Professor Advocates Strategic Mortgage Loan Default

Law Professor Advocates Strategic Mortgage Loan Default

Per this academic law paper, Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis, the author, Brent T. White (a law professor at The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law) advocates strategic mortgage loan default as a very viable option for both financially distressed and non-financially distressed underwater homeowners (i.e. the mortgage balance(s) exceeds the value of their home - there is negative equity). The major issues addressed in this paper include the following:

  • Part I: Most underwater homeowners are not walking away from their homes (i.e. strategically defaulting on their mortgages).
  • Part II: From a purely financial standpoint "many more homeowners should be strategically defaulting."
  • Part III: Homeowner and borrower "emotions such as shame, guilt, and fear play the largest role in homeowner decisions" to keep paying on their mortgage loans even though they are financial black holes and the most rational action would be to strategically default.
  • Part IV: The "government, the media, and the financial industry" and expected credit score damage combine to pressure underwater homeowners to keep paying on underwater mortgages even though strategic default would be the best financial option.
  • Part V: Substantial differences in behavioral norms between underwater homeowners (borrowers) and banks give the banks substantial artificial leverage over the homeowners. In other words, the banks regularly fail as evidenced by the TARP bank bailouts and all the other unprecedented government actions to artificially prop up the banks so the banks clearly have no shame in threatening to default and close their doors in order to get money from the government (i.e. morality has nothing to do with their decision making), yet those very same banks pressure underwater homeowners to pay their mortgages by playing the "moral card". According to the author, this situation has "created an imbalance in which individual homeowners have borne a disproportionate financial burden from the housing collapse."
  • Part VI: Government policy should seek out ways to level the playing field between underwater homeowners and banks so that given the circumstances mutually beneficial outcomes can be reached.

My view is that after seeking proper real estate (i.e. from me), legal and financial advice, underwater homeowners should consider "walking away" from their homes only as a last resort. In almost all cases, underwater homeowners should attempt the following loss mitigation actions (listed in order):

  1. Short Sale.
  2. Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure.
  3. Strategic Default (i.e. walking away).

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