Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FDIC Hurting Homeowners: Case 1

FDIC Hurting Homeowners: Case 1

In my previous blog post, FDIC Hurting Distressed Homeowners, I discussed some current FDIC actions that are hurting distressed homeowners. Based on this information and other information posted on my blog (see Our Phony Real Estate Market), I believe that the recent government actions (shared-loss agreements with banks that take over failed banks, bank bailouts, FASB accounting rule changes which allow financial institutions (banks) to hide losses, homebuyer tax credits, increased mortgage loan purchasing by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae, the US Treasury's $1.25 trillion mortgage security purchasing program, expanded FHA, Making Home Affordable, etc.) are actually harming distressed homeowners, new home buyers, existing homeowners and the real estate market in general. The harm is usually caused due to the unintended consequences of the government meddling in the market. Below is my first live case study of such adverse consequences.

FDIC Hurting Homeowners: Case Study #1

In response to my blog post FDIC Hurting Distressed Homeowners, I received an email from a homeowner who is a victim of the FDIC's shared-loss agreement with OneWest Bank which took over the now defunct IndyMac Bank.  OneWest Bank is owned by George Soros, Michael Dell, Steve Mnuchin (former Goldman Sachs executive), and John Paulson (hedge-fund billionaire). Therefore, the US Government via the FDIC is using taxpayer money to make the super rich even richer. This disgusts me.

The homeowner is fighting to save their home from foreclosure.  In doing so they sent the letter below to "every member of congress in my state along with the media."  Therefore, they gave me permission to publish their letter on my blog.  In the interest of disclosure, the letter is exactly as I received it except for some formatting changes and some spelling corrections.  As you can see this is a very disturbing situation where the actions of the government have enabled and government enriched company to push a financially distressed homeowner around.  The result of this will be increased foreclosures, which are harmful to homeowners and neighborhoods and reduced numbers of loan modifications and short sales, which are better for distressed homeowners and neighborhoods.  In the interest of getting this message out to the public please feel free to repost this information on your blog, or to email this post to other people.

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