Monday, October 26, 2009

CitiMortgage: Loan Modifications Increasing Delinquent Loans

CitiMortgage: Loan Modifications Increasing Delinquent Loans

According to this Forbes article, Citi's Mortgage Problem, the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP - the Obama Administration's Mortgage Loan Modification Program) is actually increasing the number of delinquent mortgage loans. According to the article, CitiMortgage said the Home Affordable Modification Program, which was supposed to reduce the number of foreclosures by reducing mortgage loan delinquencies, has been "ineffective at lowering delinquency levels. The bank hints that this loan modification program is actually making it tougher for the government-supported bank to manage its balance sheet." According to the article, in its 3rd quarter earnings report, CitiMortgage said that "delinquent mortgages are increasing because of HAMP. Loans in the trial modification period under the HAMP continue to remain delinquent even if the reduced payments agreed to under the program are made by the borrower. The impact of HAMP also contributed to the $2 billion sequential increase in loans 90+ days past due in the North America residential real estate lending business." According to the article, the report showed that the delinquencies of first mortgages at CitiMortgage increased from $10.2 billion in the 2nd quarter 2009 to $12.5 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2009. This represents nearly a 23% increase in the number of first mortgage delinquencies. It is clear that the number of short sales and foreclosures will continue to increase for CitiMortgage mortgage loans. Also, this information is still more proof that loan modifications will not stop the foreclosure tidal wave that is yet to come.

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